The Only Woman

A compelling reflection on history and culture, The Only Woman by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Immy Humes celebrates women in male-dominated fields while illustrating the absurdity (and perils) of tokenism. From 1860 to present day and across 20 countries, Humes spotlights pioneers and disruptors, re-contextualizing gender equality and paying tribute to famous and overlooked musicians, astronauts, railroad workers, sportspeople, politicians, activists and more.

How Women in India are Fighting Climate Change With Mangrove Trees

Between India and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans mangrove forest (which sits on one of the largest deltas in the world) is urgently affected by climate change, as rising sea levels and eroding embankments threaten nearly 4.5 million lives. This is why over 15,000 women from the surrounding villages have begun planting hundreds of thousands more mangrove trees in the open waters in order to create a …

International Women’s Day: Interviews

Conversations with people who are reimagining the worlds of food, art, music, beauty and community

Women all over the world should be championed every day—not just once a year. At COOL HUNTING, we often speak with incredible women who shift boundaries and achieve remarkable feats with regularity. International Women’s Day is a great reason to shine a spotlight on them once again. Part of honoring women is also raising awareness about and taking action against inequality, and always engaging in intersectional feminism …