NeueHouse Introduces Salon, a New Membership for Creatives Seeking Work + Social Spaces

Flexibility and access to all clubs and programming in the latest category

Presented in partnership with CultureWorks

For those of us who work in creative industries, the office landscape has changed, along with resources and expectations. With flex days and work-from-home requirements, many people now find themselves in need of both quiet and collaborative spaces, places for in-person discussions or laser focus, and destinations for the types of social exchange that influence creativity and curiosity. NeueHouse does this in a unique way—their …

MOFT’s Tech Accessories Provide Increased Functionality + Freedom

Companion products that untether users from conventional desk setups

Sponsored by MOFT

With “invisible design” at its core, innovation-centric brand MOFT (which stands for Mobile Office for Travelers) aims to eliminate fuss and add freedom to your experience when using tech devices for work or creative play. Crafting compact, lightweight and practical accessories remains paramount for the company, whose products are robust without being clunky, practical without being dull and portable without feeling flimsy. This is possible …

Best of CH 2020: Link About It

Space news, sonic time capsules, shapeshifting material, people-powered initiatives and more

As we publish original articles throughout the day, we also share insightful, thoughtful and important stories, research, videos and photo essays from publications we respect and creators we admire. Each of these supports our own growth as writers, readers, viewers and listeners, and serves as a useful resource for our audience, who return to our ever-growing Link About It section. Below we have selected several …