MOFT’s Tech Accessories Provide Increased Functionality + Freedom

Companion products that untether users from conventional desk setups

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With “invisible design” at its core, innovation-centric brand MOFT (which stands for Mobile Office for Travelers) aims to eliminate fuss and add freedom to your experience when using tech devices for work or creative play. Crafting compact, lightweight and practical accessories remains paramount for the company, whose products are robust without being clunky, practical without being dull and portable without feeling flimsy. This is possible with the clever use of sturdy, durable, light and long-wearing vegan leather and fiberglass made from recycled industrial materials. By selecting a collection of MOFT products that fit our daily needs, we found that it’s seamless to create a lean setup (that’s easy to use and move) that untethered us from the desk.

MOFT launched in 2019 when founder Julianna He set out to solve problems she was encountering while working on the move. “I traveled a lot for work, which I love, but was always on my laptop feeling the uncomfortable effects of makeshift setups in airports, on trains, in hotel rooms and cafes,” she tells us. “I was not alone, having observed fellow travelers who were experiencing the same dilemma. I needed a healthy solution that fit my lifestyle and made working on the go more comfortable. So I set out to make a lightweight stand that was easy to carry and would allow us all to get the work done but also the freedom to explore life and the world.”

Some of those first products were the origami-inspired MOFT Z Sit/Stand Laptop Desk, the multi-functional Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet and the sleek but protective Carry Sleeve. These products—like all MOFT designs—aim to provide practical, easy-to-use solutions that free users from conventional, stagnant setups. He explains, “Our accessories are designed to support our customers as companion accessories to expand and improve their everyday experience.”

While many standing desks are huge and clunky to adjust, the refined and portable MOFT Z ($60) offers five positions—one standing option and four sitting modes. Through our experience with it, we found it quick and easy to change positions depending on our comfort level and tasks at hand. It’s incredibly useful to keep active throughout the day—especially when feeling restless or distracted.

Slender and subtle, MOFT’s Carry Sleeve ($59) is more than an attractive case for carting a laptop around various hybrid workspaces. Made from vegan leather, it boasts expandable storage and can convert to a stand in one effortless move—thanks to its patented smart-folding design. We found that this product is perfect for working at a cafe or shared workspace; we didn’t feel awkward or overburdened, like we were carting our entire home office to our local coffee shop.

We often find ourselves craning our necks to check our phone, but the Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet ($30) makes it possible to prop up the device at more convenient angles. This is especially practical for Zoom calls. The wallet can hold up to three cards, and there’s also a magnetic sticky pad that allows it to be attached to a fridge or car mount. We found the phone case was also useful after work hours when we were in the kitchen attempting to follow a recipe online. For those using an iPhone 12 or 13, MOFT also has a phone case that’s optimized with enhanced magnetic strength for MagSafe accessories.

Ultimately, each MOFT product—whether inspired by origami or ergonomics—is rooted in the brand’s dedication to “invisible design.” As He explains, “Our products are small, but powerful. They are virtually unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on and unnoticed when carried.” This is echoed in the aforementioned products that we use daily. The MOFT Z laptop stand folds flat, making it easy to fit into an everyday tote bag and making it easy to tuck away when not in use—we slide ours between design books in our home office. Similarly, the Carry Sleeve is unassuming, complete with a hidden stand and a storage compartment that expands when needed.

The colors of the first products that MOFT debuted aligned with widely used tech devices (silver, gray and black) but now the brand has introduced new hues that offer a cheerful splash of color. The tones also align nicely; we mixed and matched Windy Blue products with black ones, and the combination still maintains a sophisticated, uniform setup.

The way many of us work has changed over the past two years, but MOFT’s intention hasn’t wavered: flexibility (metaphorically and physically) remains crucial. “Our products are designed to adapt to people’s needs anywhere so the new work world naturally aligns with our principles,” He explains. “For us, improving people’s work experience by making it more flexible is to empower them to be creative and productive. But, yes—working from home is something we consider. Our products allow more focus and efficiency anywhere, from home setups to desk space hopping, even if it’s from the kitchen table, a co-working space or while off on new adventures.”

Ultimately, MOFT aims to provide flexibility, freedom and the ability to abandon traditional approaches to work, simplifying everyday tasks and unfettering individuals from their desks. As He says, “Our products are designed to adapt to people’s needs. So they can always be ready to move freely and work easily anywhere.”

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Images courtesy of MOFT