Crafter Trouser Pro

From two-year-old Swedish company Garphyttan, the Crafter Trouser Pro are durable, practical work pants made from a water-repellent and flexible fabric blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. With plenty of pockets for tools and sleeves for inserting (and holding in place) knee-pads, these pants are perfect for gardening, household chores and camping. They’re available in five colors, but our pick is the green.

Pivotte Studio Reimagines What “Office Wear” Can Be

"We work anywhere—our clothes need to mirror that lifestyle," says co-founder Evelyn Frison

Like many innovative companies, Pivotte Studio—founded by Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang—was created to solve a problem. “The simple answer,” Frison says of the impetus behind the brand, “is that I hate women’s pants. I hate jeans and they are also so eco-unfriendly. I hate dress trousers, and I can’t wear activewear or leggings to non-fitness activities.” So Frison and Yang embarked on a mission …

Studio Visit: Flora Animalia

An edible garden and creative workshop space inspire Rozae Nichols' newest workwear designs

After many years in the fashion industry, designer Rozae Nichols was searching for a new creative endeavor. She envisioned an edible garden and workshop space where she could share ideas about protecting the environment and nurturing a plant-based lifestyle. Nichols, who achieved numerous successes and realized dreams during her time working in fashion, was ready to take the next step. She shared her vision with …