Watches and Wonders 2022: Futuristic Skeletonized Timepieces

Observe the inner-workings of seven remarkable releases

Inside Geneva, Switzerland’s prestigious Watches and Wonders trade show—where dozens of luxury watchmakers present their annual “novelties,” an industry term that means new releases—VIP collectors and journalists (COOL HUNTING among them) had numerous opportunities to peer at the exposed inner-workings of skeletonized timepieces. The skeletonized classification refers to a technical and aesthetic style, wherein the mechanical components that power a watch are visible through the …

COOL HUNTING + Isotope’s Limited Edition GMT 0º Watch

Independent brands unite for a wristwatch with a charitable component

“We wanted to bring a burst of colorful optimism to the dial for the wearer and anyone who might glimpse it,” says Josh Rubin, co-founder and executive creative director of COOL HUNTING, regarding our new collaborative wristwatch. Working with Isotope founder José Miranda, Rubin customized the independent watch brand’s groundbreaking GMT 0º design, layering buoyant colors and complementary accents. A bright, bold piece was born—underscored by …

Legacy Leather Strap

There’s more than an elegant asymmetry to Accutron’s Legacy watch, which honors the brand’s iconic “521” model from the ’60s. This new gold-toned stainless steel model, limited to 600 numbered pieces, is powered by Accutron’s Swiss-made automatic movement (visible through an open caseback). Further, a lizard-embossed brown leather strap rounds out the inspired, contemporary design language.