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Presented in partnership with Watches of Switzerland + Speake-Marin

Watches of Switzerland’s Limited Edition Speake-Marin One & Two Collaboration

Two bold new colorways released with only 10 watches each

From pioneering, independent Swiss watch brand Speake-Marin comes an ultra-exclusive collaboration with acclaimed international retailer Watches of Switzerland. Released in two versions, the Watches of Switzerland Edition One & Two features two bright, bold colorways and glowing lume introduced to the brand’s beloved and deeply expressive dual-time wristwatch. These statement-making timepieces feature an openworked dial design set within Speake-Marin’s signature 42mm Piccadilly case and Big Ben-inspired, heart-shaped hands.

Driven by an international mission statement, “From London to LV, via NY,” these two models aim to equip travelers and reference natural landscapes with their design. For the fresh salmon-colored version, with its luscious coppery grain finish, the collaborators looked to the desert surrounding Las Vegas, as well as the Mojave and Sonora deserts. It’s elegant and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, and one of the more successfully daring colorways we’ve seen lately.

A subtle exclamation to the dual-time functionality, which helps travelers shift between the timezone at home and their destination, the metallic blue iteration draws inspiration from the waterways that connect the world. In particular it’s designed to call to mind the Thames, the Hudson River and the Atlantic, a trio that represents the oceanic route between London and New York. A meticulous satin finish furthers this visual reference, as it mimics the effect of light reflecting upon waves. This version has a sportier vibe than the salmon copper edition.

Inside both versions, power is provided by the SMA02 movement, Speake-Marin’s proprietary in-house caliber for their dual-time wristwatches. It’s a masterful automatic mechanism visible through the dial’s openwork construction, as well as through the sapphire crystal exposed caseback that sports an engraved Watches of Switzerland logo celebrating the limited edition collaboration.

“Speake-Marin is very proud to announce its first-ever exclusive collaboration with Watches of Switzerland,” Christelle Rosnoblet, president and CEO of Speake-Marin, tells COOL HUNTING. “This bespoke project focuses on the brand’s most iconic movement, the SMA02, a Dual Time complication with retrograde calendar, released in two new unique versions. Speake-Marin and Watches of Switzerland share British roots, making this partnership special in every respect.”

The Speake-Marin brand was founded by Essex, England-born Peter Speake-Marin in 2002. The illustrious watchmaker and entrepreneur initially studied in London and then Neuchâtel, where he focused on high-end complications. His professional career also weaved between England and Switzerland. Speake-Marin is now owned by the the Rosnoblet family, and overseen by one of the few women CEOs in the luxury watch world. Mirroring this cross-cultural horological path, the Watches of Switzerland retail group—established in 1924—began with boutiques in the UK but has expanded across the US.

16 of these numbered Speake-Marin pieces have been allocated to the US market through Watches of Switzerland boutiques in Las Vegas and NYC, where they will retail for $35,900 each.

Images by Chris Coe for COOL HUNTING 


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