Canvas Meditation Cushion

Available in three colors (black, navy or green) and in two sizes (standard or travel), Walden’s new meditation cushion was developed with input from yoga and meditation experts. Covered in an organic heavyweight canvas, the cushion has been designed to mold to your body while sitting on it. Price is for the standard size.

At-Home Workout Options

Subscriptions, personalized programs, next-generation machines and more

No matter how high-tech, clean and glossy they can be, gyms aren’t for everybody. As such, at-home workout alternatives are rolling out in abundance. While many of these programs lean on the pillars central to the fitness industry, they’re provided in the comfort of a familiar environment and can be accessed at any time that’s convenient. From a gamified rowing machine to a livestream teaching …

Wearable X Expands Their Smart Yoga Gear Collection

Four new designs and a men's range now funding on Kickstarter

After a successful launch last year, NYC-based start-up Wearable X is expanding its collection of smart yoga apparel—debuting a men’s line and four new designs on Kickstarter today. With woven-in technology, Wearable X’s washable apparel styles (including the original Nadi X leggings) identify the yoga moves the wearer is attempting. Through sensors, a paired iPhone app and a device called The Pulse (that attaches to …