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Wearable X Expands Their Smart Yoga Gear Collection

Four new designs and a men’s range now funding on Kickstarter

After a successful launch last year, NYC-based start-up Wearable X is expanding its collection of smart yoga apparel—debuting a men’s line and four new designs on Kickstarter today. With woven-in technology, Wearable X’s washable apparel styles (including the original Nadi X leggings) identify the yoga moves the wearer is attempting. Through sensors, a paired iPhone app and a device called The Pulse (that attaches to the pants) real-time feedback is then offered on each position. Whether trying for an eka hasta vrksasana or just perfecting an adho mukha śvānāsana, gentle vibrations are sent to the sensors letting users know where they need to focus.

The new styles include the Half X for both men and women, the open-knee and the striped—all are funding now on Kickstarter. A pledge of $229 will secure a pair of leggings, plus a 12 month membership for their Xperimenters app. Using high-quality fabrics and remarkably clever technology, these yoga pants are more than just smart—they also look and feel much better than one expects when considering the term “wearables.”

Images courtesy of Wearable X


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