Jack Spade Holiday 2007


We just got a peek at lighterjs.jpg

While they're not available online yet (we'll add them to our gift guide when they are), you can get them at the Jack Spade boutique in Manhattan.

Plaid Leather Mini Bic Lighter Covers
We're definitely of the mini-lighter camp and these on-trend leather covers will either prevent or encourage friends from pocketing them—depending on how evil they are. They're available in either a red-and-green or yellow-and-green plaid for $15 each.

Day-of-the-Week Handkerchiefs
Each embroidered with a different song lyric referencing a day of the week, these add modern irreverence to an old-world way of life. Or is it adding an old-world way of life to our modern irreverence? Anyway, our favorite is: "(Easy) Like Sunday Morning." The set is $125. (Not pictured.)


2008 Daily Planner
A collab with Jack Spade and Japanese stationers Delphonics, this cloth-bound planner is emblazoned with a worker monkey and comes with monkey reminder stickers. Yearly, monthly and weekly calendars, as well as a section for memos and a removable address book will keep you as organized as the monkey on the cover. It's $45.

Hand-Knit Keychains
Made exclusively for Jack Spade by Jessica Polka, these fobs add under-the-sea charm to key rings. The red Octopus, off-white Jellyfish and orange Prawn run $65 apiece.


Holiday Cards
Illustrated by Tamara Shopsin with a Santa Shark on one side and a Chanukah Octopus on the other, it's clear who's winning this religious war. The letter-pressed cards are $3 each. (Not pictured.)

Chapstick with Sterling Silver Cap
For a balm-obsessed friend, the silver cap adds a little elegance to the otherwise prosaic 20-times-daily ritual/habit/addiction. The accessory can be engraved and costs $75.