JetBlue Founder David Neeleman’s Vision for High-Tech, Low Cost Moxy Airlines

Aviation entrepreneur David Neeleman has launched or overhauled six airlines now, with the founding of JetBlue arguably his most well-known achievement. Neeleman is currently developing a new high-tech, low cost airline under the working name of Moxy. As he says, there’s airline “concentration in the industry and the legacies aren’t doing a lot of flying that people really want.” He sees this as “an opportunity to get people there [small destinations that are only being serviced through hubs] twice as fast at half the price.” With investment thus far, he’s purchased 60 Airbus A220 jets, a new type of plane that should enable Moxy to keep fares low. But this will not be a budget, poorly serviced airline. He’s also not going after any of the markets JetBlue already owns. Read the full interview with Neeleman on Condé Nast Traveler to learn more.