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Naked, the World’s First Home Body Scanner

Track body fat percentage, key measurements and much more from the comfort of your own home

Technology for working out at home (like Tonal), measuring tools (like the Apple Watch and Withings Steel Fitness Tracker) and DNA-informed diet and fitness programs we have an array of physical and digital tools available at accessible prices to help guide, track and motivate us. Naked is an in-home 3D-body scanner that keeps track of your body fat percentage, fat mass, body measurements and much more (and looks good doing it) was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year and is now available for orders.

“My co-founder, Farhad Farahbakhshian, worked in his spare time as a spin instructor at a gym. He experienced firsthand the January rush. On the 1st of January, his classes were full, and six weeks later, supported by statistics, 50-60% of the class disappeared. He simply asked the question, ‘Why does that happen?'” co-founder Ed Sclater says. “He came up with a hypothesis that people lose motivation because they’re not seeing the results of their hard work.”

From day to day, not much may seem to happen according to the scale, but changes in posture, muscle and fat distribution and toning do occur—oftentimes unnoticed. With Naked, these changes are scanned, documented and shown to you beside your previous body scans. Changes become more evident and users feel encouraged to continue.

“Most of the products and services today measure what you’re doing to your body—the number of steps you’ve walked, the number of calories you’ve consumed. The only technology that tracks the body itself is the weight scale. It’s a 200-year-old invention that’s at best directional and at worst damaging,” Sclater says. “This kind of made us realize there’s a big void of body information available, and that body information allows you to understand what’s happening to your body—the results. And it’s that piece that’s most interesting and most valuable when you’re trying to achieve your health and wellness goals.”

By seeing a 3D model of your body (that takes into account nine key measurements) changing, you’re more inclined to keep going. By knowing where you were, where you are now and what the possibilities are, working out and eating healthy seem purposeful and not solely hopeful. As Sclater says, “It’s complex technology made into a very simple experience. And with those things combined, it’s really, really powerful.”

The program uses its mirror (with built-in Intel RealSense depth sensors and a laptop-grade processor) and a separate rotating scale which also has an array of sensors permits scanning from every angle. The sleek mirror measures 5’3″ tall and of course can be used to check your fashion when not measuring your details. The scale nestles into the base so it’s out of the way when not in use; when it’s time for your scan you move it out a few feet, stand on it and start the scan—you rotate in around 20 seconds.

Having tested Naked we found it provided quality, accurate data in an easy-to-use manner that also looks good enough to pass as a modern mirror when not being used. The Naked scanner is available on their website for $1,395. iOS users can utilize the entirety of the app’s functionality, while Android users can use the beta version until its official launch.

Images courtesy of Naked Labs


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