Naked Granola Squares

A creative meeting of oats and regional ingredients capture local flavors in these new snack bars


Rather than stick with traditional ingrediants and bland oat-based recipes, Naked Granola‘s new Naked Granola Squares satisfy healthy snacking with an emphasis on flavor over filler. Six years in the making, their geography-inspired product seeks to capture the local flavors of six places using local ingredients: Seattle Nights, Maine, California, Key West, Maui and Down Under.

The idea behind Naked Granola is simple—use the best ingredients to make the best granola. With that in mind, each product is made with only 25 percent oats, leaving significantly more room for superior ingredients. Naked uses no sugars or glycerin either, favoring extra virgin olive oil and agave nectar to hold it all together.

Naked-G-Seattle.jpg Naked-G-Maine.jpg Naked-G-Maui.jpg

A sampling of the Squares was quickly devoured at CH HQ, with Seattle Night’s chocolate flavor with whole chocolate chunks, almonds and cranberries a favorite.

Naked Granola Squares are available in bulk directly from Naked Granola for $50 per box of 24 squares. Individual bars are available at stores everywhere for around $2.50.