Eight Suncare Products

As the summer heat intensifies, so do the sun's harmful rays. In hopes of preventing your skin from becoming sandpaper, we tested a wide range of skin care products. All of them protected from harmful UV rays and some featured added benefits. A tip we learned along the way: for wrinkle as well as sun prevention, don't use the mineral-based blocks (minerals gather in wrinkles and cause more harm than good).


Brave Soldier Solar Shield SPF 28 Moisturizing Sunblock ($18)
The Solar Shield is the best choice for athletes. We love Brave Soldier's mild smell and non-whitening formula, which makes it almost completely invisible. Yet it's water-resistant, so it sticks around. Like a stealth special-op, this sunscreen protects you…under the radar.
—Max Gold

Bliss Oil-Free Sunban Lotion with SPF 30 ($27)
This lotion comes from Bliss, the British spa company. It's a pretty standard cream that's oil-free and made specifically for the face. It's top selling point is the "Smartsun" technology, which purports to activate restorative antioxidants in skin when exposed to UV rays.
—Doug Black

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 ($26)
As far as we can tell, this facial moisturizer has no relation to the actor who goes by the same name. But like the bulk of Jack Black's career, it's made specifically for dudes. It has a subtle, clean scent that's never greasy and always dispenses the perfect amount in a single pump. Added bonus: the slim container makes an unobtrusive footprint on any bathroom counter.



Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes SPF 30 ($14)
The Sun Protection Wipes from Shady Day are aimed at people who don't have the time or patience to religiously apply sunscreen every morning. Light and portable, they're meant to be carried throughout the day, and since they leave no visible residue, you can confidently apply without consulting a mirror. They're also ideal for carry-ons. On the downside, like many added conveniences, they have the added disadvantage of unnecessary waste.
— DB


Eminence Organic Skin Care Make-Up Powder ($57)
While you might think that this product is aimed at those who wear makeup daily, it's actually the perfect product for those who shun the made-up look. Eminence powder subtly evens skin tone and has a matte effect that's great for combating summer shine with added Sun protection that's water-resistant and perfect for exercise or swimming. We think it's a good choice for men too (it comes in translucent as well as a full spectrum of shades for different skin tones) and the powder application makes it ideal for fussy kids.
— Ami Kealoha

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($22)
The Fresh lip treatments work like your average lip balm, with vitamins A, C, E and grapeseed oils for maximum moisture, but it's the amazing sugary scent and perfect not-too-greasy/not-too-waxy consistency that makes me look forward to putting it on. It also comes with SPF 15, which is just enough to get you through the day.
— AK


Hampton Sun ($35)
This product line is aimed at those who want to spend all day tanning in the sun, while avoiding the harmful byproducts. We found their tanning gels are a bit oily, but others might call it a luxurious glow. Their face products, on the other hand, went on dry and felt like wearing noting at all—you can't get better than that.
— DB