May Lindstrom Skin

Two new innovative treatments blend the purest ingredients to deal with winter skin blues


Launching her line just over a year ago (after giving birth to her daughter), May Lindstrom has already reached global cult status with her nonconformist, handmade skincare products—in particular her eyebrow-raising “Clean Dirt” cleanser. Los Angeles-based Lindstrom, who refers to herself as a “skin chef,” has always been passionate about food—from working in the kitchens of New Orleans to modeling in New York. As a chef, Lindstrom notes, “For me, cooking and product formulation are very similar and I approach both from an intuitive place rather than scientific.”

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Reading the ingredients list on any of her products transports you to not a chemical laboratory but a bustling marketplace, as the ingredients include everything from macadamia oil to ylang-ylang to raw cacao (many are either certified organic, wild harvested or fair trade). “I wanted to bring something new to the market, something exciting and special, that would inspire a greater commitment to our own self care and a loving relationship with our skin and our whole body wellness,” says Lindstrom. “Natural products were just beginning to grow in popularity, [but] I was committed to a higher standard—packaging that would make you genuinely excited for your cleansing ritual, a personal relationship with my clients, accessibility and a space for open dialog, the best ingredients: pure, clean, rich and potent. And the effects on the skin itself had to be measurable—serious results were a must.”

Lindstrom’s careful attention to detail extends to the packaging—all of her products are preserved in reusable and recyclable dark violet MIRON glass from the Netherlands that protects the precious contents from the harmful effects of light. By only letting violet rays in, it increases longevity of the product. Lindstrom’s two newest products launched just in time to fight the winter blues, as the frigid temperatures outside and the hot air blasting indoors result in brutal conditions that dry out the skin.


The Honey Mud is cheekily named, but fear not—it smells like chocolate and feels like pudding. Made from raw honey, white halloysite clay and pure plant oils (including frankincense and myrrh, collected from unsprayed and unfertilized fields of Michigan wildflowers), it’s a cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry. In fact, in our trial we found it to be even more moisturizing than cleansing oils; as the Honey Mud wiped off the day’s collected debris, it left behind a concentrated—but not shiny—nourishing layer. For bonus points, the Honey Mud doubles as a mask for extra hydration.

The Blue Cocoon packs a powerful anti-inflammatory punch from a smaller package, as it’s a concentrated beauty balm. Firm to the touch, the butter texture melts quickly into a liquid when rubbed between fingers or hands, and sinks into the skin. Dubbed a “miracle worker” by Lindstrom, the intensive moisturizing treatment calms down irritable skin conditions whether it’s eczema, acne, rosacea or other ailments of the epidermis. With stubborn dry patches cropping up on our hands and face this season rubbing just a pea-sized amount on right before bed brought surprisingly touchable smoothness after a few days. The key player in this concoction is the calming blue tansy oil; it’s interesting that this ingredient isn’t more of a mainstream skin remedy like coconut oil as its superhero-like properties include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anesthetic, anti-itching, antibacterial qualities and more. While the price may make you hesitant, it’s the only skincare product we’ve tried this winter that’s brought tangible results in such a short period of time. It’s almost mind-boggling that the vibrant colors, unique textures and exquisite fragrances of both products derive entirely from top grade natural ingredients, without help from a single toxic chemical.

The Blue Cocoon beauty balm concentrate is $160 and the Honey Mud gentle cleansing silk is $80; both are available directly from May Lindstrom’s website, along with other products in the limited, cohesive collection.

Product photos by Nara Shin, portrait images courtesy of May Lindstrom