Cool Hunting Video: Q&Q SmileSolar Watches on CH Edition Zambia 2014

Our most exclusive collaboration yet: a limited edition solar-powered timepiece for students in Mfuwe

When we first saw the colorful SmileSolar watches from Japanese brand Q&Q we felt they were the perfect partner to work with on our CH Edition trip to Zambia.

Fortunately, they loved the idea of joining us on safari and, more importantly, helped us do something special for the secondary school students in Mfuwe—the remote village bordering the national park where most of the families that work for the safari companies live.

What started as an idea to give these students a SmileSolar watch evolved into something even more special. Together, we designed a limited edition watch, made exclusively for the students. We loved the idea of creating something so practical for the students, most of whom had never owned nor worn a watch before.

Unlike other Cool Hunting products and limited editions for which people stand in lines and hunt them down online at twice the price, these watches were so exclusive that you had to be a student—with good grades—in a remote village in northern Zambia to receive one. We were beyond excited.

We, and the students of Mfuwe, Zambia, are very grateful to Q&Q for their generous contribution to the community. Take a look at our video to see the students and their new watches.