Best of CH 2017: Most Popular
While it might not sound like the most exciting activity, there's always a surprise in store when exploring Google Analytics—especially when taking a look at all our content across a year. We're always fascinated to see what our audience connects with...
Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Tasting Set
From Kyoto-based Matchaeologist comes a new ceremonial-grade matcha tasting set incorporating three different blends: Misaki, Matsu, and Meiko. This very collection has repeatedly won the highest award from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, when judged...
Matcha Starter Kit
With everything needed to start a matcha obsession, Ippodo's matcha tea kit includes all items required for regular and consistent matcha-making. There's a strainer, whisk, bamboo ladle, whisk stand and (of course) ceremonial-grade matcha, but the...
Word of Mouth: Kyoto Cafés
When we were researching a visit to Kyoto we found Inside Kyoto to be an invaluable resource. It’s run by Chris Rowthorn, an American who has been in Kyoto for more than 20 years. Rowthorn is also the editor of the Lonely Planet guidebooks for Japan...
House of Matcha
Stephen Cheuk, the designer-turned-trainer and founder of intimate NYC gym S10 Training has another obsession alongside helping clients reach sub-10% body fat (without the use of cardio machines). It's high-quality, ceremonial-grade matcha. Well...
"Old Kyoto"'s Historical Machiya Rental Properties in the Gion Neighborhood
Developed for travelers visiting Kyoto's Yasaka Shrine (which began construction in the year 656), the alluring Gion neighborhood later transformed into an exclusive geisha district with plenty of tea houses, bars and restaurants. Gion today has plenty...
Kan-no-shiro Matcha Powder
More than just a tea shop, Kyoto-based retailer Ippodo Tea Co. has specialized in the cultivation and blending of matcha, sencha and other Japanese teas for nearly three centuries. Their Kan-no-shiro 40g can of matcha powder is ground from shade-cultivated...
Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Incense
Japanese cherry blossom trees are admired the world over for their staggeringly beautiful but fleeting nature, which is poetically symbolic of the cycle of life. Lend the spirit of rejuvenation to your home with Shoyeido's incense sticks, a stimulating...
Karl Escritt's Live Painting
Karl Escritt is a Kyoto-based graphic artist who's been quietly making a name for himself as an accomplished designer of flyers, posters and t-shirts for the underground music scene in this Englishman's adopted Japan. Recently, Escritt has...