Holiday Cookie Plate
For all the baking ambition one may have at this time of year, sometimes it's just time-saving to buy well-made holiday cookies instead. Our friends at Mouth Foods have assembled a "best of" care package featuring some mouth-watering seasonal favorites...
Mouth-Made High Five Chocolate Bar
Tapping into the familiar notion of a Take5 bar—sporting five salty-sweet layers—Mouth Foods' High Five bar takes all that's deliriously delicious about the original and brings it to the present day. Made in Brooklyn and featuring caramel, pretzels...
Hefeweizen Bread and Butter Pickles
Sacramento-based Preservation & Co is aptly named, and their Hefeweizen Bread and Butter Pickles are as good as you'd expect from preserving experts. There's not much beer in this concoction, so no need to worry about boozy lunches, instead just enjoy...
Mouth-Made's Three Debut Chocolates
With all of the time and effort we put into scouting out quality new chocolates, it was quite the relief to find some superb options so close to home. CH favorite Mouth—a hub of independent, carefully selected food and drink items, with a webshop...
Three Superb Spirits Employing Surprising Materials
On a recent trip to indie food and drink specialty shop Mouth, in NYC, we discovered a bunch of curious creations that hadn't crossed our path before. After leaving with plenty of products to taste, three struck our attention for their unique approach...
Whiskey-Soaked Toothpicks
Used in the olden days to calm teething babies, whiskey-soaked toothpicks are making a comeback. While we may have made up the historical anecdote, these three varieties of sophisticated picks are certainly great for anxious adults. The trio is made...
Bad Seed's Chili Granola
by Jenny Miller Occasionally an idea comes along that's so good it seems astounding nobody's thought of it before. This just happens to be the case with Chili Granola, a new product from Brooklyn-based company Bad Seed—a joint endeavor helmed by...
Mouth's Independent Spirits and Wine Shop
Independent food continues to be on the rise. Small-batch producers of everything from pickles to popcorn are are finding a wide audience across the world; and in doing so, turning the corporate food industrial complex on its head. At the forefront...