Mouth’s Independent Spirits and Wine Shop

Hard-to-find libations from the best makers in the US, available in-store and online


Independent food continues to be on the rise. Small-batch producers of everything from pickles to popcorn are are finding a wide audience across the world; and in doing so, turning the corporate food industrial complex on its head. At the forefront of this movement is friend of CH, Craig Kanarick, CEO of Mouth—the online shopping experience for carefully culled indie foods. Today marks the opening of Mouth’s online spirits and wine shop, the first of its kind offering only the best (and often hard to come by) products from the best makers in America. “We seek out the best new indie food and drinks from makers who are innovators,” Kanarick says—from the brand’s new brick-and-mortar bottle shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn—”We carry only the absolute best of what’s out there.”


Kanarick sees the indie food movement as part of a larger shift towards consumers focusing on the source of products. The rise of the craft cocktail has given way to a focus on distillers, he adds. “People are more and more interested in discovering products and eating food made by independent makers, food made by real people not companies. Makers with passion for their craft and an interesting story to tell,” Kanarick says. The stories abound, but one that stands out is the tale of SF-based 1512 Spirits. Founder Sal Cimino—a third generation barber—has carried on his father and grandfather’s tradition of a close shave and distilling a flavor-packed rye whiskey. “He’s making the family’s first—well—legal bottles,” Kanarick says. “It’s totally old school, made by hand in the smallest still we’ve heard of, and Sal will give you a shot if you come in for a shave!”

Mouth is happy to offer CH readers a 15% discount with the code: CoolHunting15, good through Father’s Day, 2014. Check out Mouth for their whole range of products and the stories that accompany them.

Photos by Hans Aschim