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Artsy + Planned Parenthood’s “Choice Works” Benefit Auction

A response to the extreme law recently passed in Texas, part of “a national agenda to end access to abortion across the US,” the Choice Works benefit auction launched by Artsy and Planned Parenthood aims to raise funds to be used in safeguarding reproductive rights across the country. Live online now, the auction corresponds with an event during Miami Art Week on 2 December and …

African Violets Rolling Tray


From Bouqé—a cannabis-centric brand that’s dedicated to elevating the ritual of rolling and smoking—the African Violets Rolling Tray features the flower with the brand’s logo bursting through the blossoms. Indigenous to Tanzania and Kenya, the vibrant purple African Violet symbolizes modesty, devotion and love. It is deeply connected with feminine energy. Spiritually aligned with positivity, the flower presents the perfect motif for an enjoyable smoking …


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Building an Army of Oysters Around NYC To Mitigate Floods + Erosion

Before commercial harvesting, oyster reefs used to compose more than 220,000 acres of New York’s coastline, acting as a natural flood-mitigation system in addition to increasing marine biodiversity. With these reefs’ destruction, New York is dangerously vulnerable to natural disasters—a threat that (as Hurricane Ida recently showed) is only growing. To protect the city, Billion Oyster Project founded by Urban Assembly New York Harbor School, …

Snappy’s Free Online Game Lets Participants “Play-It-Forward” to the Make-a-Wish Foundation

An all-in-one online gifting platform, Snappy aims to return imagination to the process of giving a gift and make it feel less transactional. Recently, the organization conducted a survey and learned that 55% of the employed Americans they spoke with would appreciate the option to forgo a Christmas gift from their company and have the money donated to charity on their behalf instead. Further, 72% …

Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is Now Available Online

The Smithsonian recently launched Searchable Museum, a digitized version of the institute’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, featuring in-depth and reimagined exhibits including the permanent exhibition Slavery and Freedom, multimedia components, videos, audio podcasts and 3D models based on more than 40,000 artifacts. In addition to making this history more accessible, the online platform spotlights new experiences not at the museum in …

Comme des Garçons CEO Adrian Joffe Reimagines Retail With 3537

When Comme des Garçons CEO Adrian Joffe launched Dover Street Market in 2004, he changed the way many retailers functioned, situating well-known luxury brands with up-and-coming labels in the same space amidst rotating creative installations. Now, this artistic approach to retail is being pushed even further with 3537, a new events platform that sees department stores and cultural experiences operating on a didactic level. “3537 …

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Rehilete Candle in Birthday Cake


Made by a family of artisans in Mexico City, the beautiful rehilete candle upholds the region’s traditions and economies through its use of melipona wax. Produced by Mayan “stingless” bees that are found in the Yucatan peninsula, this wax is revered for its durability, vivacious color and healing properties, imbuing it with a rich history for its use in local rituals. In using this resource, …


Heirloom Linen Sheet Set


Stephanie Cleary and Michelle Toney’s homeware line, Morrow Soft Goods, takes its cues from the planet with nature-inspired designs built to last through all seasons. Their sheet sets, woven with 100% French flax, are no exception. Available in a range of earthy hues like rich terracotta, midnight and airy bone, apricot and many others, these linen sheets transition with the weather to keep sleepers cool …


“in dog we trust” Dog Sweater


Sustainably sourced luxury cashmere sweater line Lingua Franca teamed up with women-owned pet care brand Pride + Groom to create an ethically made, cozy dog sweater. Like all of Lingua Franca’s garments, this sweater is hand-embroidered in NYC and available in a multitude of options: over 30 thread colors, four sweater colors (including black, peony, navy or smoke) and in sizes XS to XL. Plus, …


Boobs on Drugs Tote


From Edie Parker founder and designer Brett Heyman’s playful but sophisticated cannabis-centric line, called Flower, this Boobs on Drugs tote riffs on the iconic anti-drug PSA from the ’80s, but with a decidedly less bleak approach. Aware of the injustice of the prison system—specifically historical cannabis incarcerations—the label promises 15% of the profits from the Boobs on Drugs collection will be donated to the Women’s …


eee gee: Bad Person

“Bad Person” by Danish artist eee gee (aka Emma Granvkist) is an indie-pop song that, through multiple perspectives, tells a story of what it means to have done wrong. The song is “an anthem for all the ones that have experienced getting manipulated, gaslighted or stepped on,” the singer says. These heavier themes, however, do not weigh down the track. Between the artist’s floaty, alto …

Saint Jude: Alright, All Tied

With a background playing warehouse parties around London, Saint Jude (aka Jude Woodhead) creates an intoxicating, haunting track with “Alright, All Tied.” The mellow tune—with an undercurrent of gliding guitars and soft percussion—is carried by the artist’s unhurried lament. He wrote the song while struggling with writer’s block, and the lyrics (“I can see / all I mean / all I fear / all too …

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: $25 and Under

Starting at just a few dollars, more affordable presents for all occasions

The “Waldorf at 90” Cocktail Honors The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria

An exclusive cocktail for the 90th anniversary of the icon, from the author of The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, Frank Caiafa

Cuvée Exceptionnelle Vintage Rosé 2016


Crafted from grapes sourced from Clover Hill’s vineyard in Tasmania’s Pipers River region, the gently sparkling Clover Hill Cuvée Exceptionnelle Vintage Rosé 2016 delivers a finely balanced flavor with notes of raspberry, vanilla and citrus. Extended skin contact of Pinot Noir leads to the wine’s soft blush color. Produced using traditional methods, it is fermented in the bottle and aged for at least three-and-a-half years. …


Tolliver: Nervous

Chicago-bred and LA-based artist Tolliver’s recently released EP, Daddyland, is an ode to his late father and journeys through their complicated relationship to arrive at self-love. “Nervous,” the third track on the EP, finds itself on the latter end of this arc with its confident lyrics and buoyant rhythm. Soaked in funk and fun, this bop crafts an anthem for misfits and outcasts, punctuated by …

Kay Greyson: Over and Over

Newcastle, UK-based Kay Greyson has been writing rhymes since she was six years old and performing since she was a teenager. After several soulful releases, she shares “Over and Over,” a triumphant track replete with a pitched-up vocal sample, effervescent synths, thudding percussion and surging horns. While Greyson hasn’t announced an LP yet, the artist has promised this single is “just the beginning.”

Suchi Reddy’s Interactive “me + you” Sculpture Inside the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building

The artist and architect's illuminating ode to hopes and dreams acts as the centerpiece of the profound FUTURES exhibition

Brutalist Calendar 2022


Released by independent publisher Blue Crow Media and printed on heavyweight paper by a family-owned printer, the Brutalist Calendar 2022 celebrates Brutalist architecture from around the world. Made in a limited edition, the calendar’s layout and lettering perfectly match the photographs of these concrete icons. Measuring 340 by 240mm when closed and 340 by 490mm when opened, this calendar includes 12 black and white photographs. …


MTA Socks


For New Yorkers, and anyone who’s been to NYC (or anyone who’s keen to visit), these MTA socks nod to the city’s legendary public transportation system—which gets people around the city 24 hours a day. The blue cotton blend accessories are emblazoned with an embroidered MTA logo. Further, a portion of the proceeds from each sale of these socks directly supports the New York City …