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A New World Vision: Aram Danesh and the Super Human Crew


Aram Danesh and the Super Human Crew, sounds like a ridiculous amalgam of a Middle Eastern hip-hop collective, right? Wrong. More like a throwback to old school rap, the Crew represents all that is great about the Bay Area's music scene. Danesh, who lives in beautiful Tiburon, across the Bay from San Francisco, brings together disparate sounds, including pepper-infused salsa set to funky urban beats with electro-Latin guitar, world rhythms and flowy vocals. On The Spot, words are sung in English, Spanish, Portuguese and what could easily be called Street. Danesh was born in pre-revolution Iran and by the time he eventually made it out west, he had played with the likes of Carlos Santana (whose sound is reflected on The Spot) and Ravi Coltrane. Danesh directs the crew of rappers, singer and musicians through elements of jazz, reggae, funk and more. This is a true world vision that grooves, check it out yourself.


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