André Rösler


The extraordinary creatures created by the hand of André Rösler can be sweet, scary and beautiful—often all at the same time. This German illustrative artist, who forms one quarter of the group behind the Bastard Project, has a broad range of work including book illustrations, paintings and animation. But the work we love best are the large murals that he launches onto walls with an energy and immediacy that can be seen in the rivulets of paint running down to the floor.


Building layer upon layer of paint as he goes, Rösler draws on a history of murals and graffiti; he rarely erases anything but always adapts and develops the forms and figures so that they slowly morph from one thing into another. Often the final image is completely different from the one he started with and the art is as much in the performance as in the finished piece.

Rösler is showing new work (including his live mural painting) this week at the Illustrative Paris 07 Festival in Paris.

Illustrative Paris 07
Through 9 December 2007
Espace Commines
17 rue Commines
75003 Paris France map