Asgar/Gabriel: Bucolica Obscura


Since 2005, the young Vienna-based artists Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel of Asgar/Gabriel, have been collaborating on a radically contemporary form of figurative painting. Drawing upon historical movements such as baroque, pop art, and abstract expressionism, while referencing contemporary developments in graffiti and photo-realism, the duo create intricately layered canvases in which linear narrative falls prey to the chaos of our image saturated times.


The subjects of their paintings, at the hedonistic pinnacle of youth, find themselves classically posed within disconnected scenes, awash in a sea of vibrant hues. Here, within these pseudo-mythological canvases, Asgar/Gabriel reveal the vanity and the absurdity of our search for heroism in the everyday.

Marking their solo debut at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, Asgar/Gabriel will present Bucolica Obscura, a series of large-scale paintings realized over the past two years. Should you find yourself on the West Coast, we strongly recommend a visit.

Bucolica Obscura
Opening Reception: 10 January 2009, 5-7pm
January-14 February 2009

Mark Moore Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404 map
tel +1 310 453 3031
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