Benjamin Grant’s “Overview: A New Perspective of Earth”

Stunning high-definition satellite photographs of our planet

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Inspired by his hugely popular and oftentimes mind-blowing Instagram, Benjamin Grant’s new book “Overview: A New Perspective of Earth” mesmerizes. The hardcover tome boasts 200 original images that Grant created by stitching together several satellite photographs. The results are incredibly compelling—showing the wondrous ways in which the world is actually intertwined and connected. And, as the title makes clear, the photos oftentimes reveal an unexpected perspective.

Especially significant is the visible effect humans have had—and continue to have—on the planet. To further highlight this, the final section of the book, titled “Where We Are Not,” shows areas that haven’t been touched by people. From the swirling Rio Madre de Dios in Peru’s rainforests to the volcanic activity of Nishinoshima (off the coast of Japan) and the rock formations of the Adelaide Rift in Australia, the immense beauty and wonder of nature is impossible to ignore.

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth” is available for purchase online for $25.

Images by Cool Hunting