Mike Harte and Jamie Shovlin: Bourbon Joy


While the rest of us nurse our heads and livers in post-St. Patrick's Day convalescence, British artists Mike Harte and Jamie Shovlin will unveil the fruits of their week-long bourbon binge. For the past week, Harte has been furiously painting in the company of his magnanimous compatriot, Shovlin. Both have been plowing through a bottle of bourbon per evening to create a seven-piece exhibition to be unveiled 18 March 2009.

While Harte is the one doing the painting, it's renowned prankster Shovlin who provides whiskey and amoral support—leading both men to take credit (and blame) for the outcome of a week of bourbon-and-paint.

Bourbon Joy
18 March-25 April 2009
tel. +44 (0)20 77295777