Exit Music Songs With Radio Heads


Cover versions that actually work are few and far between, but this one has been getting played in all the right places. It's a version of Radiohead's "Just" by NYC DJ Mark Ronson, and Phantom Planet singer Alex Greenwald, the man responsible for singing the theme song to The OC.

While the first few bars are fairly unremarkable, it's when the horns and drums kick in that you realize what the fuss is about. Ronson's been dropping it into his sets on his East Village Radio show, Authentic Shit, and the only online place you can currently hear the full tune (legally) is at his myspace page. Next month though, it will feature on an album of Radiohead covers released by exemplary British label BBE. With the likes of The Cinematic Orchestra, RJD2 and Matthew Herbert contributing to Exit Music Songs With Radio Heads, it should be worth investigation.

We found a track list here. We're not sure if we got the right cover image (above). If you can confirm/deny let us know.

Update 20 March 2006: Thanks for all of your feedback. We did get the cover image right. We also just learned about the song's video from CH reader Dan. Apparently it's by The Motion Group/Abbey Road Video Services and features various animated graffiti characters, including some by Invader, doing all sorts of things on London's blank spaces. In particular, the horn-players performing on the back of a lorry as it drives through the city are incredible. Check out the video here.