Femsplain’s Female-Powered Content Community

The empowering hub for discussion and connection hits Kickstarter


When Amber Gordon left her role as a creative strategist for Tumblr, it wasn’t to go on a soul-searching mission. In fact, she had already found her calling—and had founded it in the process. Gordon’s brainchild, Femsplain, delivers a platform for anyone who identifies as female to submit stories—not only of trials and tribulations, but of successes and connections, and everything in between. Gordon publishes content from over 100 contributors—some from editorial backgrounds, others simply with something to say—with a view in mind to bring people together, voice concerns and strategize for a better future. It’s a thoughtful, at times funny site, with a clear mission. And as the site garners more and more attention, Gordon is bringing it to Kickstarter so she can nurture the community further. All money raised will go toward paying featured contributors for a year (at $100 an article), maintain the site and provide consistent touch-ups to the user experience. Any further money raised will allow Gordon to take her online community offline with live events.


“Our mission is to empower anyone female identified and connect them through shared experiences,” Gordon shares with CH. “We are trying to educate and talk about what women go through. We don’t want to be a preachy or one-way platform. All of our content is meant to start a discussion. That’s what we are trying to do. That’s the value. The word itself, “femsplain,” is thought of as negative. We are trying to redefine the word and the conversation around feminism.” Femsplain accepts monthly submissions around predetermined themes, but Gordon hopes to build an editorial staff for feature articles that unites the ever-growing list of personal submissions. Everyone on staff thus far has been volunteering to keep the site engaging and beautiful. But with interest soaring in a platform that allows for voices to be heard and connections to be made, Gordon is right in seeking to sort out the site’s longstanding future and pay for insight that impacts the community.

Support the Femsplain Kickstarter for as little as $5, but $250 lands a bottomless brainstorm brunch with Gordon and a $500 contribution grants VIP status to a series of scheduled events.

Images courtesy of Femsplain