Minting NFTs on Community-Led Platform Voice

Embarking on an NFT journey on the carbon neutral platform for emerging artists

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For many artists, emerging or established, the world of NFTs provides plenty of opportunity and often some intimidation. Carbon neutral platform Voice aims to support and empower creatives in the space through user-friendly processes and an authentic, encouraging community. To find out how approachable Voice is, we teamed up with illustrator and animator Elise Miguel on her inaugural minting journey. Miguel—a young artist who enjoys …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A dragon-like dinosaur, an illustrated celebration of cities, an Iron Age discovery and more

First-Ever Light Detected Behind a Black Hole Most space enthusiasts are aware that nothing can escape the tremendous gravitational pull of a black hole but, for the first time ever, scientists have detected light coming from behind a black hole located 800 million light-years from Earth. While flares of light around a black hole aren’t uncommon, astrophysicist Dan Wilkins and his colleagues had been observing …’s Influential Creative Community Members Explain Its Unique Value

A new destination at the nexus of social media and content publishing platform—which verifies its creators

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Community is often a crucial part of creativity, and Voice aims to foster both. We’re all aware that many parts of social media are broken, with noisy content drowning out thoughtful creators. Voice is on a mission to fix this by creating a platform where creators can share meaningful work and engage authentically with an audience of real people. Voice’s proprietary tech ensures every user …