Grant Barnhart: Remember Me When


Drenched in Americana, the paintings of Grant Barnhart show a conflicted view of his home country. In "Remember Me When," the Seattle-based artist adopts scores iconic images from the last century of American culture. Barnhart's twisted reality shows cowboys showered in fireworks and football players tackling horses make appearances, while rodeo pageant girls observe from afar. The inherent nostalgia of these archetypes is palpable, but it's subverted by hectic interactions, which creates a decidedly ambiguous whole.

Barnhart was born in Topeka, Kansas, and studied at Columbus College of Art and Design. "Remember Me When" will exhibit from 8 November to 7 December 2008 at Seattle's OKOK Gallery.

Remember Me When
8 November-7 December 2008
OKOK Gallery
5107 Ballard Avenue N.W.
Seattle, WA 98107 map
tel. +1 206 789 6242