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Indigenous Restaurants in Seattle Work to Decolonize Dining

On 29 November, the Indigenous-owned restaurant ʔálʔal Cafe will open in Seattle, joining other Native-owned eateries in the city like the pop-up Native Soul and acclaimed food truck Off the Rez. The new business—which will highlight Indigenous cuisine as well as art—continues the burgeoning movement in Seattle to empower the Native community and educate about their history in the city. Despite being named after Chief Si’ahl and having a food scene known for its many Indigenous ingredients (like salmon, berries, cedar and wild mushrooms), Seattle often erases its own roots. ʔálʔal Cafe hopes to change that by serving dishes crafted with ingredients from various tribal nations: blue corn from the Diné and Ute peoples, bison from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and salmon from the Quinault Indian Nation. While the onus should not be on Indigenous people to educate others about their stolen resources, the new restauranteurs are rethinking what dining should look like, transforming Native cultivation, preparation and stories into delicious, inventive cuisine. Learn more at Eater.

Image courtesy of Off the Rez

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