Interview with Maarten Baas


The most talked about exhibition during the Salone del Mobile was that by Contrasts_Furniture_1.jpg

Could you explain The Chankley Bore?
I just wanted to make this. I had it in mind, before Established reached me. If no one would have made it for me, I would have produced it myself. Established said you can do what you want. I said this is what I have in mind, and they said, well this is great. For me it was really the next step after Smoke, Clay, Sculpt…

Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?
From anything actually. Furniture always has kind of the same shape. I mean, a chair almost always has four legs. It always looks more or less the same. But if you look in nature, for instance, and if you look at an underwater documentary or something, for example, the fish which are there, they have really bright colors, and then something sticks out of it, and there's something blinking… And then there's science fiction, or comics about outer space in which things happen that you cannot imagine. Many things.

I started to think there's much more to explore other than a chair must have four legs. And the title? I was searching for a title that covers this feeling the most. The Chankley Bore is a line from a poem which is a nonsense verse. It's a fantasy and part of it is about some creatures being [the lines go] "in the terrible zone and the fields of the Chankley Bore…" And, well…