An underground Toronto salon where blow outs (of the 420 variety) are included

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We’ve all heard of BC bud (for those who haven’t, it’s the especially potent marijuana grown in Canada’s British Columbia province), but how about BC bangs or a BC bowl cut? At Lightheaded, a new secret salon in Toronto, hairstylist Uli sits customers down for a cut and a toke from her high-end vaporizer, all for the bargain price of $30.

Tall, gorgeous, and sporting a dimpled grin (no photo of Uli because while selling marijuana in Canada is almost legal, that’s a big “almost”), the unaccredited hairstylist—who is also an artist, musician and costume designer—got the idea sitting around stoned with her roommate, coming up joke business names. Then it occurred to her, this could really work. Launched last October, she currently boasts a roster of approximately 30 regulars—mostly men.


Uli cuts hair in the living room of the house she shares with her husband, which also serves as an event space for art shows, concerts, screenings and stand-up comedy. Customers sit among set pieces, musical instruments and half-made puppets. (During my last visit a hand-made, life-size werewolf costume kept us company).

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The marijuana she serves is potent, but a distinctly relaxing variety. She tells Now Magazine, “Guys don’t necessarily enjoy going to the salon because the atmosphere isn’t chilled out. It can be uptight. My goal was to provide a low-key alternative to the salon.”