Oh Comely Magazine

A new London publication invites creatives to share works, ideas and more


Committed to the promotion of “people and their quirks and their creativity, rather than money and what it can buy,” the newly-launched magazine, Oh Comely aims to elicit conversation and communication about creativity today.

The work of artists, writers and designers working from a studio in London’s converted Biscuit Factory, they’re also behind the Oh Comely blog, offering artists across the globe a chance to take part in Oh Comely projects—such as painting a fiberglass sheep for an exhibition in Harlow. With adventurous ideas like these, along with a DIY ethos and a cheeky sense of humor throughout (see Storm Trooper pic above), the venture picks up where Miranda July and Harrel Fletcher’s depot of creative assignments, Learning to Love You More, left off.


Oh Comely welcomes writers, designers and illustrators to submit, which they can do online. Six-issue subscriptions (£18), as well as the first issue (which runs £4, but for £6 more you can get a limited-edition hand-painted tote with it) sells from their site.