Organizations to Support in Syria and Turkey

The collective Closer Than You Think has created an extensive list of organizations working to support those affected by the tragic earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. The estimated death toll is currently 33,000, with tens of thousands of people injured, homeless and in dire need of help. With cracked and broken roads, freezing temperatures and aftershocks, aid efforts have been difficult. Additionally, “women, girls, and other historically marginalized people are disproportionately impacted by natural disasters and conflicts. When a crisis hits, gender inequalities are amplified. Communities are vulnerable to gender-based violence, lost access to sexual and reproductive health services, and disruptions in their livelihoods and financial security. At the same time, women often take on the brunt of crisis response, acting as frontline healthcare workers, unpaid caregivers, and community mobilizers,” Closer Than You Think explains at Slow Factory. There, they have also compiled the list of organizations in need of support, which will continue to grow.

Image courtesy of Closer Than You Think