Sangbin IM: Confluence

Artist Sangbin IM exhibits his latest work at NYC's Mary Ryan Gallery


The mixed media of Sangbin IM‘s latest exhibition “Confluence” challenges its audience to see the world through the Korean artist’s eyes—a view that teeters between reality and illusion for a unified glare at the perceptions held by contemporary society.


Currently on view at NYC’s Mary Ryan Gallery, IM’s work is the result of a meticulous method that involves layering digital images of his original paintings (usually depicting an element from nature) over a digital photograph—typically one of hundreds he took over a period of time of the same location.

sangbin-trip-1.jpg sangbin-trip2.jpg sangbin-trip3.jpg

The Yale University grad (who now teaches at Columbia University as he works on his doctorate in art education) creates these semi-delusional scenes to comment on the disparity between Utopian desires and the insatiable consumerism that modern culture seemingly wrestles with.


“Confluence” is on display at Mary Ryan Gallery through 27 March 2010.