Stanley Donwood London Views Jigsaw


I think I like Thom Yorke better when he's with the rest of Radiohead, but I'm glad he's continued the long-term collaboration with Stanley Donwood for the artwork on "solo" album The Eraser. Donwood, aka Dan Rickwood, started creating the work called London Views, at the same time that Yorke began recording his album. Eventually it became a series of fourteen woodcut-style prints that fit together to create a twelve-feet long picture of London, and landmarks like The Gherkin, St Pauls and Big Ben, being destroyed by fire and flood. The section called Cnut is on The Eraser's front cover.

You can find more information at Donwood's excellent mini-site on London Views, while signed prints and other artwork by him can be seen, and purchased, at Slowly Downward. The fantastic wooden jigsaw pictured above right, though, is only available from London's Lazarides Gallery, where the artist exhibits. It's a limited-edition of 50, and sells for just under £100.