Stuff the Movie

The bizarre new short from director Frank Sisti Jr. and Kid America Club explores the transformation of adulthood


Looking at emerging film work these days, some may argue that the accessibility of tools seems to make would-be filmmakers think they don’t actually have to be creative. That’s far from the case with “Stuff” a new short by director Frank Sisti Jr., proving inspired (and resourceful) filmmaking is alive and well.

From Mathew Cerletty, the artist behind the portrait of the film’s supporting character, to cult actor Kevin Corrigan of “Superbad” fame, Sisti leveraged some heavyweight talent to help bring his kooky vision to life. A natural extension of the mayhem and bizarro comedy typical of Frankie’s Apartment, and Kid America Club, the film showcases some strong acting and truly enjoyable moments.


The central character Felix (played by Corrigan), has led a relatively reclusive life. His isolation began as a child upon meeting Stuff, his colorful and monstrous imaginary friend. Now 35, Felix maintains a mundane existence, caring for his curmudgeonly drunkard of a father, hanging out with Stuff working on grandiose projects and silently obsessing over the attractive cashier at the neighborhood bakery (played by Cara Buono). Based in the New York City borough of Queens, the film does an excellent job of bringing the character of the area out through the actors, Sisti and crew establishing the perfect setting for a story of adult transformation.


Stuff provides a superb entrance into short film. Witty, driven and relatable, the film features some excellent visuals which, when combined with the grade-A performances, produce a piece that carries the thoughtful narrative with charm.