Joe Claussell takes on The Machine in a limited edition box set handpainted by Misha Hollenbach


Two years ago English producer and DJ Matt Edwards added a new moniker to his list, giving Radio Slave and myriad other aliases a momentary rest to pursue a different direction. This time filing his experimental sounds under the name The Machine, the new project saw Edwards combine his music with other creative media, namely art and video. For his first output—a collage-like album called Redhead— Edwards tapped Misha Hollenbach of Aussie fashion label Perks And Mini to create the album art and visual artists behind Jigoku for a short film.

Now Edwards is giving Redhead new form by asking his friend Joe Claussell, who Edwards describes as one of the “last real pioneers of dance music,” to put his spin on the album. Claussell’s interpretations will be showcased in a covetable box set sold through London concept shop LN-CC. Limited to just 50, each set is uniquely handpainted by Hollenbach and includes both Claussell’s record—released exclusively on triple LP vinyl—alongside the original version on both triple LP and CD.

To celebrate, Cool Hunting is giving away a box set, signed and numbered by Hollenbach and Claussell, to one lucky reader. Simply enter your favorite Matt Edwards moniker in the comment field below by Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 11:59 EST for a chance to win. Those in London can also get in on the action by RSVPing to the launch party taking place 15 November. Check out our interview with Edwards to learn more about what makes this new box set so special.


What inspired you to recreate Redhead?

Traveling the world and consuming music. As a DJ and producer I can’t just play or make house or techno and I’d already been making downtempo tracks for many years as “Rekid” and also as “Quiet Village” with Joel Martin, so this was a way of fusing world music, ambient and beyond with my kind of tripped out sound.

How did you come to work with Joe Claussell on the new version?

I’ve known Joe for a few years through Francois K and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work and for me he’s one of the last real pioneers of dance music. His ability as a DJ is phenomenal and this because he knows his shit! And of course this also goes for his production in the studio and I just knew I had to ask him to remix this project.

lncc-themachine2.jpg lncc-themachine3.jpg lncc-themachine4.jpg
What are your thoughts on Claussell’s interpretation?

It’s exactly how I imagined but only better and that’s what so incredible about his work. And like me, Joe is a real fan of music and you can really hear so many different influences in his work from Herbie Hancock to Jimi Hendrix.

Did Misha come up with the images for the original album artwork or did you work together on those?

I think I sent Misha “Opening Ceremony” and he took if from there. He’s another music fan, and the weirder the better so I knew he’d be perfect for this project and the results are stunning.

lncc-themachine5.jpg lncc-themachine6.jpg lncc-themachine7.jpg
What do you like most about going beyond the music and adding other creative elements?

I guess I’m just trying to bring all my obessions together and I think it’s really important to put as much as you can into what u do. So, with the Machine project I had a distinct idea from the start about the other artists I would love to involve.
And this is the concept with “Pryamids of Mars”, To bring art, music and fashion together but in a very thoughtful way and not just thrown together. Each of the artists have a respect of one another and thats what makes it work.

Enter to win a box set, signed and numbered by Hollenbach and Claussell, by entering your favorite Matt Edwards moniker in the comment field below by Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 11:59 EST for a chance to win.