The Organic Pharmacy: The Complete Guide To Natural Health & Beauty


Like a homeopathic Bible, The Organic Pharmacy's book "The Complete Guide To Natural Health & Beauty" enlightens medical subjects as common as a sore throat to as complex as infertility. Margo Marronne, the book's author and co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy, fills her methodical book with guidance and step-by-step programs.

Spanning babies to adults, Marronne provides expert advice on how to stay healthy in a clear and concise format. Each ailment or problem—such as age spots—has a coinciding list of a beneficial diet to reduce symptoms, as well as a list of detrimental foods to be avoided. For example, she recommends pineapple and cranberries to help ease the discomfort people feeling the pain of arthritis, whereas a diet high in protein causes harm to joints.

Marronne suggests though, before all else, to treat your body to a detox. Removing injurious toxins first allows the body total control and greater success at restoring better health.

"The Complete Guide to Natural Health & Beauty" is available from The Organic Pharmacy's Amazon. For a quick look at the interesting information The Organic Pharmacy advocates, have a glance at their downloadable fact sheets.