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Bolixir Organic Wines With Herbal Infusions

Four refreshing, category-defying drinks from Dry Farm Wines

Developed by and available through Dry Farm Wines, the health-focused natural wine club and merchant, bolixir is a delectable collection of low ABV organic wines with complementary herbal infusions. Dry Farm Wines sources the refreshing liquid from a family-run farm in Austria, led by an acclaimed woman winemaker. Each unique liquid begins from organically grown grapes, which are then enhanced with wild botanicals that layer floral and herbaceous notes into the wines.

Four styles compose the revelatory introductory collection. The still Dandelion White finds organic mint, nettle, hops and—of course—dandelion imparted upon a blend of Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller wines. Another still wine, the Lavender Red is crafted from Zweigelt and St Laurent grapes and infused with organic lavender, rose and nettle. The sparkling Elderflower Bubbles iteration is born from Grüner Veltliner wine with an elderflower infusion. Our personal favorite, the sparkling rosé Rose Blossom Bubbles, aptly finds rose blossoms bringing bright but balanced floral flavors to an effervescent Zweigelt wine.

“Our mission at Dry Farm Wines is to empower people to positively impact their health and the health of our Earth through pure natural wine,” Dry Farm Wines and bolixir founder Todd White tells us. “So when we stumbled across Julie Hoch, a natural grower in Austria blending botanicals with wine, we were immediately enamored by the idea right away.”

“A few years ago,” he continues, “Julie started experimenting with blending sparkling Grüner Vetliner and elderflower tea. Elderflower grows natively in her vineyards, and she was looking for a healthful and refreshing drink for the summer time.” White, who had already developed a relationship with Hoch and her husband, Christoph, thought that bolixir could be an organic extension of their business relationship and would allow Dry Farm Wines to support the family’s biodynamic farming practices further.

All of the herbs and botanicals utilized in bolixir’s blends “are native to the vineyards from which the wines grow,” White continues. “In Austria, for example, there is an abundance of alpine herbs like mint, dandelion and hops. These herbs come from the same healthy ecosystem as the grapes for the wines, so the final fermented product is a beautiful expression of terroir.” All of these plant components adhere to Dry Farm Wines’ grape standards, meaning that they’re either organically or biodynamically grown, as well as additive- and pesticide-free.

A sip of any of the four reveals more than an expressive flavor; mouthfeel factors into the experience, as does effervescence (even, to a degree, in the still wines). “Blending natural wine with wild botanical tea is kind of a magical, alchemical process,” White says, regarding bolixir’s activation of the other senses. “We are also very focused on balance, expression of fruit and earth, aromatic complexity and subtlety, and purity,” he continues. “We went back and forth a few times with the Hoch family to make sure the blends met our strict taste criteria.”

“We’re really proud that all the creative aspects of the brand come from us,” White says of the vibrant design, which matches the brightness of the liquid within in each bottle. “All the packaging, design, inserts and web materials are expressions of our artists. All media is created by, and with, our in-house bolixir team.”

This team is transparent about everything involving the liquid, the brand and their vision. White refers to bolixir as the “wild flower child” of Dry Farm Wines, and credits the project with creative growth for all involved. As for how people can enjoy bolixir, it fits in among picnic items on sun-soaked days and pairs with a thoughtful dinner of heartier fare by night. Really, it’s a category-defying drink that could complement innumerable situations.

Images courtesy of bolixir


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