The Soft Pink Truth feat. Jamie Stewart: La Joie Devant La Mort

From Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This?, the forthcoming album from The Soft Pink Truth (aka recording artist and producer Drew Daniel), the scintillating gothic-disco single “La Joie Devant La Mort” borrows words from French erotica author Georges Bataille as it delves into the thrill of queer cruising. Rapturous vocals were contributed by Jamie Stewart (best known as the founder of Xiu Xiu). As for the pensive album title, Daniel explains, “Years ago a friend was DJing in a club and a woman came into the DJ booth and asked, ‘Is it going to get any deeper than this?’ and the phrase became a kind of mantra for us. What did she really want? This album was created as an attempt to imagine possible musical responses to her question.”