The Making of Amy Douglas + Joe Goddard’s HARD FEELINGS

We speak with the NYC songstress about her dramatic house/disco collaboration with the Hot Chip member

A seemingly reticent but brilliant British producer, and a bawdy New York songstress, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and Amy Douglas possess the underpinnings of a legendary pop duo. One is a master of electronic music; the other, a rock and jazz performer and a self-confessed “Brill-Building-nerd-level singer-songwriter.” But these two apparently disparate identities have plenty of overlap (a love of pop music and great songwriting …

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Disco-funk, groovy R&B, moody indie and more in this week's new music

Elujay feat. serpentwithfeet: Luvaroq Groovy drums, sweet vocals and a touch of funk make up Elujay’s sanguine track, “Luvaroq.” Featuring serpentwithfeet’s crooning vocals, the song masterfully mixes elements and genres, transporting listeners to Elujay’s relaxing, West Coast world. The vintage-inspired music video, directed by Kokie Padilla and exquisitely colored by Jonny Thorpe, manifests the single’s instinctual, sway-worthy nature into scenes of car rides, chess games …

79.5: Club Level

Inspired by divas like Grace Jones and Donna Summer, NYC-based 79.5’s new track, “Club Level,” is a glittery disco bop. With soaring strings and featherweight vocals, the song was written by band members Kate Mattison, Izaak Mills, Aisha Curtiss and Aaron Frazer, with Frazer and Mattison also on the shimmery production.