Cool Hunting Video Presents: We Won a Webby!

Watch the spirit of Cool Hunting, as captured in 10 videos

Webby-Winner Black High

We are very proud to announce that Cool Hunting won the Webby award for best music and variety video series. For the last 18 months we’ve worked with Ari Kuschnir and Scott Thrift of m ss ng p eces to produce weekly videos that take you to the studios of artists and creators, cultural events like SXSW and Art Basel, and behind and on the stage with musicians and performers.

In addition to being shown on the site the videos are available on iTunes and some of them can now be seen on Current TV.

It’s tough to pick our favorites, but here are 10 that we think really capture the spirit of Cool Hunting Video:

Jonathan Harris
A Cool Hunting exclusive, we caught up with artist Jonathan Harris as he unveils his new project Universe, an artistic take on a system that explores modern mythology. We are also guided through We Feel Fine, a global study of human emotion using large-scale blog analysis, and he volunteers his creative thought process behind the piece.
16 March 2006

Art Basel Miami Beach 2006, Part One
For CH's second annual video series about the series of art fairs, parties and events that take place around Art Basel Miami Beach for a week in early December, we go from the literal fringes (artist-designed blimps on the beach) to Basel itself. This first of two parts is a glimpse at the many sculptures, paintings and installations that fill buildings and tents (and beaches) throughout Miami during these few days, including the growing ancillary fairs NADA (New Art Dealer's Alliance) and Scope.
19 December 2006

Art Basel Miami Beach 2006, Part Two
In this episode, NADA director Heather Hubbs, art collector Marvin Friedman (who's been involved with Art Basel since it started in Miami), artist and Florida resident James Rosenquist, German gallerist Rüdiger Lange and the creative duo known as Friends With You, all weigh in with unique points of view about the fair and their roles in it.
25 December 2006

3:34 of London

On CH's recent London trip, we visited the studios of artist Dodi Wexler, design collective Troika and Social Suicide, the very forward men's fashion label. From Troika's tech-enabled activism to Dodi's "little worlds" and Social Suicide's pairing of irreverence with traditional English tailoring, we found that London, and each specific neighborhood, has everything to do with what these artists and designers do and their creative process. Episode 58 is a glimpse of London today—or at least as much of this massive city as you can fit into 3:34.
8 December 2006

The techno-subversiveness of Troika's mobile phone-controlled Tool for Armchair Activists and SMS Guerilla Projector initially caught CH's attention a couple years back. Episode 56 of Cool Hunting Video visits the now three year-old, multi-disciplinary art and design studio in Brixton, London to meet the founding trio of international designers behind Troika, Eva Rucki, Sebastian Noel and Conny Freyer, and to see their conceptual work in action.
24 November 2006

Okamoto Studio
Takeo Okamoto, an established sushi chef in his native Japan discovered his calling for ice sculpture and moved to the iciest place he could think of, Alaska. We decided right away to make a video of the studio and, after some deliberation, we realized CH mascots Otis and Logan would make the perfect subjects for a video and a great feature at our 50th Episode party. Guests were treated to the breathtaking sculptures of the Sealyham Terriers themselves and to raw footage from the video of them being made.
26 October 2006

Nouvell Vague: Nugroove vol. 5
With bossa nova-kissed covers of vintage new wave, lilting French accents and sweetly soothing vocals, Nouvelle Vague's eponymous debut in 2004 was a global hit, providing the perfect soundtrack for romantic first dates. In the video you'll see their flirty live show, find out who's the best bowler in the group and learn what some of their songs are really about.
16 October 2006

Hess is More: Nugroove vol. 3
With his virtuosic ability to play multiple instruments and love of jazz and experimental electronica, Hess creates a sound palette that is all at once original, hypnotic and timeless. Cool Hunting Video caught up with him on the court and in the studio to discuss his creative process when he was in New York City this summer.
6 September 2006

Amorphophallus Titanum
Designers have long been plagiarizing nature's organic shapes and colors, but even the most creative don't rival the ingenious, stunning—and in this case peculiar—examples of flora and fauna. A celebrity of the plant world, the Amorphophallus Titanum, or "the corpse flower," is a rare bloom that's native to Indonesia and known for the extreme smell that it emits when it opens.
18 August 2006


Jonathan Schipper
"Attempt at an Invisible Sphere," a globe made from 215 cameras and screens, was our first introduction to Jonathan Schipper's work. When we had the chance to visit the Brooklyn-based artist in his studio recently, we got to check out more of the "mechanical paradoxes" that make up Schipper's ouevre and watch him tinker on his latest undertaking, an animatronic sculpture set in motion by a player piano reel of Slayer's "Raining Blood."
26 June 2006