What’s Your Rupture?


New York-based indie label What’s Your Rupture has been busting out some of the best punk and classics-sounding rock records I’ve heard in awhile. The label is fresh and everything you want an indie label to be: rough and tough with a heart of gold — no strings attached.

The latest in WYR’s line up is a Swedish band called Love Is All and I can’t get enough of their new record, Nine Times That Same Song. This record is SUCH a good time, soulful punk at its tightest. A sax blasts though the album, adding an awesome component to an already amazing sound. There’s no doubt that Josephine Olausson's punctuating vocals will get some Yeah Yeah Yeah’s comparisons. But is that a bad thing? Hell no.

Recommended tracks: "Talk Talk Talk" and "Busy Doing Nothing."

Buy the record at Insound or drop into Rocks In Your Head, a great record store in Soho, NYC where What’s Your Rupture’s founder works. They have plenty of copies there. (map)

by Sean Thomas