Yeasayer: I Am Chemistry

Having teased their new album Amen and Goodbye in bite-sized morsels over the holidays, three-member band Yeasayer released the track “I Am Chemistry” with a music video that hands-down wins weirdest of 2016—regardless of what comes in the next 11 months. (Update: Animal Collective’s video for “FloriDada” comes in close second.) Unfolding like an acid trip taking place on an alien planet, the video features human-form sculptures (some disfigured, some naked) giving birth and performing sensual choreography among other things. This eerie dancing in unison over an intense instrumental climax, followed immediately by a choir breakdown, demonstrates Yeasayer’s flair for writing excellent yet peculiar pop. Amen and Goodbye, an album recorded to tape, releases 1 April 2016 via Mute.