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366cm Ashtray


Let me just state that I am not a smoker. And this post in no way endorses the nasty habit, despite the fact that, well, I guess it kind of does, I suppose. When I ponder (yes, I like the word ponder) it over, if I still smoked, I'd want one of these. However, thankfully my move out west has caused me to see the light and let go of my wicked ways. (Now, I'm addicted to running.) But I'm sure people could use this for other purposes like coins or something. This ashtray was actually made from old phone cards. It was created by 366cm, which was founded by design duo Vincent Schertenleib and Sergio Streun in 2003. Check out their site, they have some wonderful product designs. However only three of them are currently in production and for retail: the ashtray, the paper basket, and the decanter (my other favorite item). They are working on a new website which will feature an online store set to launch in the beginning of November. But if you're lucky enough to live in London or Switzerland you can find their merchandise at these retailers:

London, UK: Beyond the Valley @ 2 Newburgh St.
Lugano, Switzerland: Alon @ Via Ariosto 6