Alessi Essentiel de Pâtisserie Cookware

French designer Matali Crasset's collection of beautifully modern tools by Alessi for the pastry chef

PatisserieSpatula.jpg PatisserieWisk.jpg

Award-winning industrial designer Matali Crasset‘s new collection for Alessi, aptly called Essentiel de Pâtisserie, distills her research and time spent observing renowned French pastry chef Pierre Hermé into must-have instruments for pastry chefs.

Beautifully modern, Crasset designed the four instruments for amateurs and professionals alike. While they can’t guarantee macaroons as light and delicate as those made by Hermé, the simple but rigorous design makes for the ultimate in baking utensils—so with a little (or a lot) of experience, chefs can achieve the perfection the field requires.

PatisserieBowl.jpg PatisserieRings.jpg

The stainless steel mixing bowl features an ingenious pocket for mixing smaller amounts of ingredients before adding others. Fitted with a non-slip silicone outer to help with the mixing action, it also plays to the sensuous relationship that cooks have with bowls by allowing them to embrace it.

With heavy-duty whisking in mind, Crasset created two heads for the whisk. The smaller, comprised of elastic wires, works for easier batters, while the larger silicone head fits over the smaller one for additional support when whisking denser consistencies.

PatisserieWhisk2.jpg PatisserieWhisk.jpg

Combining both a scraper and a rubber edge, the spatula comes in handy for mixing and for squeegeeing the bowl. A cake plate designed with modular concentric circles, inspires imaginative ways to display the pastries of your labor.

The pieces in the Essentiel de Pâtisserie collection retail from $28-146 and will be available beginning next week on the Alessi site.