Alphabetical Poster

From Atari to Zelda, video game typography


Channeling his ingenuous passion for video games into ingenious graphic design, Brazilian illustrator and designer Maicon Costa created his “Alphabetical Poster” to spark a nostalgic conversation that aims to “stimulate memory and sensitize the audience.” With Mario, Pac-man and more in between, the inspired typeface spans the classic Donkey Kong barrel to the X-Box logo.


It’s a piece that came to fruition over the course of one week, but is the upshot of meticulous research on archaic video game references and just one example of the pop culture iconography Costa plays with in all of his work. “It was a personal project. After I published it on my Tumblr it became an Internet phenomenon. People interact with it through a kind of game, trying to associate the name of letter to the figure.”

Costa is carefully tracking the web response to his groundbreaking typeface, hoping that the conversation he started will lead to more play. The poster sells from DeviantArt for $6-19 depending on size.

via Fluid UK