Art Brand BFGF

The LA-based designer blending pop culture and nature in a delightful way

Lilian Martinez calls her creative endeavor BFGF an “art brand” since her ingenuous yet lush and compelling designs can be found on almost anything. From T-shirts to digitally printed rugs, Martinez’s creations draw from pop culture (Nike swooshes and Lisa Simpsons) as well as nature and the dreamy qualities of the human form.

While Martinez works solo, she collaborates regularly with other artists and the results are functional and charming—and delightfully strange. This oddball quality, Martinez tells us, is entirely deliberate. She says, “Art is really powerful in an unfathomable way. Through my work I hope to introduce pieces that make the world more beautiful, fun, cool and weird.”

Of her creative process, Martinez tells us, “I like to explore a lot of the same color palettes and themes within my work. Conceptualizing and designing a piece happens fairly organically. I like making lists and sketching. It’s a really fun way to organize thoughts and ideas.” Production, on the other hand, requires a lot more research and planning, “The internet really informs that process—it makes things very accessible,” she says.

Coming up, BFGF will be making more homewares (because “lounging is essential”) and Martinez will also be exhibiting her work in a few galleries in 2016. For now, you can peruse BFGF creations at the webshop and on Society6.

Sketch images courtesy of Lilian Martinez, all others courtesy of Daniel Adam McKee