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Caleas Cases

Lightweight leather bags designed for modern hairstylists with style


Designed specifically for hairstylist needs, these leather holsters from Austrian brand Caleas come equipped with padded interior pockets for scissors, razors and combs, and an adjustable band for keeping them all conveniently within reach at your waist.

At less than a pound, the handmade Caleas case allows stylists to tote their tools from salon to photo shoots with ease, efficiency and style. The utility belt also keeps pricey shears completely protected from falling out of a pocket or getting damaged while on the go with specially-designed slots, and side zippers open the bag up for quick cleaning and hair removal.

The hip-huggers come in various styles and colors of leather—including alligator and patent. Both sizes hold two razors, but the large case has room for five pairs of scissors, while just four fit in the smaller pouch. They sell online from €187 to €327.


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