Debbie Millman: Look Both Ways

A design veteran depicts her life's defining moments in a quirky collection of short stories

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Illustrating the outstanding moments of when design connected with her everyday life, Debbie Millman‘s quirky book “Look Both Ways” offers readers a lighthearted look at the design aficionado’s past. An industry veteran, Millman’s extensive career spans hosting the weekly radio show “Design Matters” to presiding over the AIGA and the Masters Program in Branding Arts at the School of Visual Arts.

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Organized as a series of short stories, the book of “typographic poetry” easily entertains. Providing humorous observations on her journey through life, Millman includes curious comments on everything from the overall romanticism of brands to the Big Bang Theory or the day Martha Stewart gave her audience a roll of toilet paper as a gift.

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Her energetic biography poses intriguing questions among astute observations on design, branding and the relationships we all have with them. Her brilliant essays fundamentally compel and engage in a refreshing manner.

“Look Both Ways” sells from Amazon.

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